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Snowball was abandoned and left outside by her owners when they moved away. She was alone for at least six months before a kind neighbor noticed her wandering outside and fed Snowball.
Unfortunately, the neighbor was allergic to cats and could not keep her, but when the temperatures started dropping in November, they decided to bring Snowball to the Aiken County Animal Shelter.
Snowball was upset and confused, in the beginning she would not leave her bed and only allowed staff and volunteers to pet her very briefly. Snowball was very distressed.
The Animal Shelter moved Snowball to their cat facility, a place that features two big rooms, allowing her to enjoy more living space. Eventually she broke out of her despair with consistent human affections and she now loves when she gets human visits and purrs happily when petted.
Snowball is now ready for a new furever home. If you would like to adopt her, contact Aiken County Animal Shelter at 803-642-1537 and choose option #5 or send an email to
Snowball is waiting for you!

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A rainstorm hit Michigan in the middle of May last year, causing flooding that damaged a lot of homes in the area.
Olive the cat went missing and she was on her own for months through the disaster.
Ashley Flood and her husband Jeremy first noticed Olive’s meows on a Saturday night, they did not own a cat, so though nothing of it, but the cat was persistent, and they went to check it out, the cat seemed healthy and not in despair, so they just went back inside.
The couple was awakened a few times by Olive’s meowing and the next day they went to ask for advice, ending up borrowing a litter box and some food in case the cat would come back next night. The Floods were correct, as the night came, Olive came meowing at their door, but this time she was shivering and could not keep her paws on the ground, so they brought her inside.
They took Olive to the Humane Society of Midland County, to be scanned for a microchip and they were ready to adopt if there was no owner.  Within minutes the Humane Society found her microchip and were able to get information of owners, cat’s age and Olive’s birthday.
Olive’s family had lost hope, thinking they would never see their fur friend again and were very happy she had survived the disaster.
Olive, a gray tabby had a happy ending, thank you to the Flood’s.

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The Albemarle County Police Department’s Animal Protection Unit received a call concerning the welfare of a feral cat.

The feral cat was near the Tavern on the James Restaurant in Scottsville, Virginia and allegedly been injured by hot water.

Once the cat was trapped it was taken to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA where the cat could be evaluated.  It was determined that the feral cat had indeed minor injuries that had happened prior the restaurant incident, including a cut above one of the eyes, but no signs of any external burns.

CASPCA has the cat under their care, where it is now safe and in good condition.

If you have any information, please call Albemarle County Police Department at 434-296-5807.

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A cat birthday party held in Santo Domingo, Chile, led to a Covid-19 outbreak.

Fifteen people who attended the cat’s birthday party tested positive for the virus, but not the birthday feline.

The Chilean authorities first thought it was a joke, thinking these people were trying to hide something, but after hearing the same thing from six people out of the 15 infected people, the authorities were just shock and surprised to know people were continuing to have social gatherings.

The CDC has label Chile as high-risk travel destination, they are encouraging people to avoid visiting the country. 

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Juule, a 2-year-old gray and white domestic short-haired cat, leapt from the cab of her owner’s truck at Love’s Travel Stop, Store #137 in Tallulah, Louisiana.
Shannon Edinger, Juule’s owner, has been searching ever since and is devasted without her feline.
Edinger was bottle-feeding Juule as they travel across country in their truck.
She is now offering a $200 reward and the Humane Society of Louisiana offered to add $500 to the reward, making a total reward of $700 for information leading to the safe return of Juule.
If you have any information on Juule’s whereabouts, please contact Edinger at 601-329-8379 or email

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A cat had fallen into the water and got stuck on the rocks under the sea wall in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, Florida.
The neighborhood cat was rescued by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Fireboat 21 and Platform 21, who had to deploy two divers into the water to save the kitty. With much caution the team was able to grab the water-logged feline, who was not too happy in its crisis.
The feline was rescued safely and returned to its owners. 

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The Virginia Beach Fire Department got called to a burning house in Ocean Lakes.

The Fire Department arrived around 2p.m. Friday, there was heavy smoke and flames on the side of the house and there were no other family members inside home besides the kitty.

Rescue teams went into the building and saved the family’s cat, by 2:18p.m. the fire was declared under control.

The Fire Department said it is unknown what caused the fire, but they are investigating. They remind us of the importance of home smoke alarms and to check them monthly.

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