Cat News by Kitten-World | Episode 5 | September 2020


Saranac Lake shelter welcome 35 new cats. Lena Bombard helped remove them from a house outside of St. Regis Falls by the end of August.

Lena Bombard says, the pet-hoarding case is pending so she cannot talk about it, but she was able to share about a black and white cat named Brandon, who stretched out a paw to play, the other cats were both around running inside and outside.

The 35 cats were taken to a nearby veterinarian to be assessed, tested for disease, given medical treatment, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and scheduled for spaying and neutering

Out of the 35 cats, 16 are now ready for their forever homes, one kitten sadly passed away and one cat had two kittens; they are expecting more cats to give birth in the coming weeks.

Tri-Lakes Humane Society is offering half-off adoption prices for the month of September, at $40.


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Frankie the Cat has been waiting for adoption at the Stockton Animal Shelter in Stockton, California. She has been there the longest, at 175 days, she now has a new home at a cat rescue in the Bay Area.

Frankie was brought to the shelter in March with a bullet wound. The fragments were lodged into her muscles after going through her spine. She had surgery and worked on her rehabilitation, but she remains paralyzed in her back legs. 

The staff fell in love with Frankie in the first week.  Now they are saying goodbye with a farewell party complete with a fish diner for Frankie and ice cream for the other animals awaiting adoption.


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