Cat News by Kitten-World | Episode 4 | August 2020


A fishing crew in Alabama came across a tiny cat caught in their nets during a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.

The crew says the kitty was pulled out by the tide and he was struggling to stay up, they were able to rescue the orange kitten by scooping him out of the water. Once they got the drenched kitty on to the boat, the crew made sure to dry and comfort the kitty as they brought it back to shore.

Still Flyin Charters, captain Steve Crews and his crew were able to help the orange cat recover and find a new home for the kitty.


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Two cats in Brazos County, Texas, were the first to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

Texas A&M University researchers said both cats were asymptomatic and lived with people who tested positive, the cats did not report any symptoms while owners were ill, only one of the cats sneezed for several days after being tested.

There are not many veterinarian groups in the US conducting investigations to provide information about the virus infections in pets.

Dr. Hamer’s project is still testing additional household pets. The results indicated that people should factor in the possibility of pets becoming infected when taking precautions and self-isolating if necessary.


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Nyan Nyan Ji, or Meow Meow Temple in Kyoto, Japan features several cat monks who will help you with your prayers and even play with you afterwards

The Temple opened in 2016 with three generations of feline monks. The head monk’s name is Koyuki, she loves to meet her worshippers.

But cat monk Koyuki is not alone at Nyan Nyan Ji, she has seven other cats assisting her in the temple: Waka (male), Chin (male), Aruji (male), Ren (female), Konatsu (female), and Chicchi (female).

The temple is full of cat statues and drawings, and if you like souvenirs, you can buy some of them inside the temple shop called “Littlefootmark Ren.”  You can also order cat theme foods and drinks at the café.

If you’re planning to visit Kyoto in a near future, you can find the Meow Meow Temple at 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Perfecture, Japan.


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Four Paws and Change for Animals Foundation have a new report exposing a significant cat meat trade in Vietnam.

Over one million cats each year are stolen from the streets and people’s homes, they are traffic across the country and brutally slaughtered.

January 2020, Vietnam passed a law banning the killing and consumption of cats, but because cat meat is in such big demand it was revoked.

Despite the increase of cat owners, the ‘Little Tiger’ dish, which used to be most popular in Northern provinces, is now becoming extremely popular nationwide.

Eating cat meat can be dangerous to human health with the risk of rabies and zoonotic diseases, due to the unsanitary conditions, brutal and unhygienic treatment, multi-species transport, holding and slaughtering facilities and cross border transportation and handling.

During research by Four Paws, they discovered many cats with collars, a sign that they were pets. Four Paws also reported many cat owners who were desperately looking for their stolen cats. Contacting authorities is useless, as they usually turn a blind eye to the situation. Often, they are normally involved in the cat meat trade, either profiting from bribes or are consumers themselves.

Four Paws Ending the Dog and Cat Meat Trade campaign is calling upon the government in Southeast Asia to introduce, strengthen and enforce animal protections laws.


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Cal Poly Cat Program in San Luis Obispo County have not rested this summer, even with the pandemic going on.

This Program is run only by volunteers and funded by donations.

Kitten season begins in March and runs thru October on the Central Coast, California.  Volunteers are working harder than ever, bringing all the kittens, they can find, into the Cat Program. They use a “trap, neuter and release” approach to control the local cat population and to keep the cats from disease and starvation.


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The Sedalia Police Department rescued 87 cats from a 941-foot home and found 27 cats dead in the backyard.

After the Sedalia Police Department received a tip about a residence with unhealthy animals, the Police Department was able to obtain a search warrant.

The Central Missouri Humane Society explained the cats have been living inside a small home in extremely crowded conditions and many of them needed urgent medical care.

The cats were giving medicine, food, and water. The healthiest cats were given to shelters around the state where they will be treated and then put for adoption, but some have not survived since being removed from the home.

Besides the 27 cats found dead in the backyard, bags of deceased kittens were found inside the house. Officials believe 20 of the buried cats were kittens.

Ferdinand M. Bucayan and Teodora Dalumpines were arrested and transported to the Pettis County Jail. They were charged with multiple counts of Animal Abuse and Neglect.

The Central Missouri Humane Society is currently seeking foster parents to care for these animals temporarily. People interested in becoming a foster parent or donating to help support the care of these animals, should visit or call 573.443.7387.


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A feral cat is believed to have been responsible for the ‘massacre’ of 9 endangered Hawaiian Petrel chicks on Kauai Island, in recent days.

The cat was caught on camera free roaming in the area where the partially eaten baby birds, 1 month old, were discovered outside their burrows.

Kauai is home to one-third of the world’s population of the Petrel chicks, and since these birds have no natural defense against mammalian predators, like cats and pigs, they are extremely vulnerable to attacks.


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