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Why are humans so enamored by the cat?  Over 50,000 years ago, the cat was domesticated by people.  Cats have done a great service for civilization, just in pest control alone, but the relationship between cat and human goes well beyond that. They are family members and companions who quite nobly show their warm, purring, and half-eyed affection. We believe every cat is purr-fect in its own individual way. If you have ever had the privilege of living with a cat, you will know what we mean. 

Whatever the reason, we here at Kitten-World.com love cats as much as you and are inspired by their playful attitude towards life.  Despite their independent, sometimes almost snobby demeanor, we feel that deep down they just want  to bring out the inner kitten in you.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions on our contact page or email us at support@kitten-world.com

Happy Purring from Kitten-World Team!

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