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Chanan Aksornnan, Chef Bao Bao and her boyfriend were walking Ponzu at McCarren Park in Brooklyn late afternoon, when a young boy pulled the cat’s leash up into the air before dropping him, Ponzu tried to run away but the boy allegedly stepped on the leash.

The couple was also walking their other pets, Mango the parrot, Tofu the dog and Kimchi the cat.

Aksornnan realizing Ponzu backs was bloody, turned her attention to the boy, as he then ran to his family.

The family first began with verbal abuse which escalated into a physical assault, while Aksornnan was punched and kicked, her boyfriend was also punched, breaking both his nose and glasses, requiring emergency surgery.

Ponzu was only three years old, between his injuries in the park and his preexisting heart condition, he passed away shortly after the fight.

An official police report had been filed after the attack that traumatized the entire family. 

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Cat Bronson For Adoption

Bronson a stray cat has had a rough life in the last couple months. He came to SAINT Cat Rescue with several facial injuries, the volunteers think he was either hit by a car or kicked in the face.

This orange beauty needed several surgeries, and after months of treatment and rehabilitation, Bronson is ready to find his furever home.

Bronson is a loving cat that loves to snuggle on your lap while you watch TV. He is waiting for you at SAINT Cat Rescue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are taking appointments for visits so you can meet Bronson and get to know him!

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A male orange-and-white cat was found dead in the parking lot of Appalachian Funeral Home in Washington County, Tennessee. When the funeral home worker arrived at 10:30 a.m. the cat was not there, the employee discovered the cat around 1 p.m. and called the police immediately.

The male cat was found with the rear legs duct tape and severe head trauma, possibly from a screwdriver that was found nearby, also bloody tire tracks indicate that his head had been run over.

Both PETA and Johnson City Animal Shelter are offering big rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction on cruelty charges of the person or persons responsible for this act. PETA is offering $5,000 and the shelter $500.

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