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May 3rd is National Specially Abled Pets Day, this day was created to encourage animal lovers to foster and adopt special need pets.

Rexie Roo is helping spread more awareness about all amazing special needs pets looking for homes.

Rexie Roo is a tuxedo cat who was on a rough road, brought to a rural Utah shelter with his two front legs broken back in January 2020. Since the shelter had no means to help Rexie, they posted on social media that the feline needed immediate emergency medical treatment.

Best Friends Animal Society (, the animal welfare organization of Utah saw the post and came to the rescue. Rexie was brought to a center in Salt Lake City for treatment where the veterinarian realized the front legs were too damaged to be saved and would need to be amputated. After the surgery, Rexie quickly mastered life on two legs, adapting very easily.

Cairistiona Flatley, an animal lover, fell in love with Rexie Roo after she saw the feline’s videos conquering two-legged life, and she knew she was meant to be Rexie’s forever home. She adopted Rexie and created an Instagram page to share his inspiring story.

If you’d like to adopt or foster a specially-abled pet, or know any one that needs tips for caring for one, Best Friends Animal Society has a library of resources you can check it out. (


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Nimbus, the gray short haired moved into the observatory on April 14. He was chosen from four candidates at the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire.

Nimbus who was rescued from Sapulpa Animal Shelter in Oklahoma, at the time named Greg, has now been welcome to the Mount Washington Observatory.

The announcement comes nearly six months after Mount Washington’s beloved jet-black Maine coon cat Marty died after an unforeseen illness. Marty spent nearly 12 years keeping the station’s staff and visitor’s company. Marty replaced Nin, a black and white cat who also spent 12 years in the Observatory before retiring.

His successor, Nimbus, is reportedly very sociable and vocal, meowing, chattering and purring about the summit observatory.


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Love Home, an animal rights group, filmed a raid that happened in the central Chinese city of Chengdu, where 156 boxes of both puppies and kittens were uncovered.

Delivering live animals by mail is illegal in China, but it still poorly policed, leaving a blind spot for companies to operate and deliver pets to consumers for as little as 5 dollars.

Mystery boxes have become a big trend on Chinese social media, there is a new catchphrase: “Everything can be put inside a mystery box.”

Most of these companies specify the type of animal they are selling and guarantee a high-quality pet, but from the raid done in Chengdu, they found mixed-breed puppies and kittens cram together in small taped-up plastic crates.  Many were dead or dying of suffocation and starvation. These companies also stop feeding and watering the animals a day before departure to limit animals’ excretions. ZTO Express, is one of the delivery companies associate with these companies.

Some customers were not happy when receiving the mystery box, saying the animals looked sick and dirty.  Customer service at these companies suggest to let them rest, and some die after they get to their destination.

After the was scandal exposed, some of the companies took down their listings, but others just change their ad description, removing the word “mystery box” and labeling them as adoption or rescue services.

The delivering company, ZTO Express, has apology for their misconduct, they are closing their Chengdu location and are to cooperate with the police investigation. ZTO Express was fined $12,410.


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A young female Siamese cat was found in an abandoned carrier with a blanket near Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut.

The young cat was brought to Animal Control that says she was dehydrated, malnourished and with severe eye infections.

If you have any information or recognize the Siamese cat, please contact New London Animal Control at 860-447-5231.


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